Prioritize your product's features inside Jira

Use data to prioritize your best and most valuable ideas

Remove emotion and opinion from prioritization and let data help you eliminate bias

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WSJF Priority Calculator

Apply relative scores to critical levers and identify where to focus your efforts

Product Management is challenging. It's critical to understand what the right thing to build next is. By using the WSJF technique Product Managers can remove emotion from the equation when trying to execute a successful strategy

Zero setup - use your own Jira filters

Use your existing filters to choose which issues to rank. No need to use complex JQL to import issues.

Focus your team

Remove unconcious bias by focusing in on a single lever at a time, enabling you to do true relative sizing.

Effortless visual insight

Make sense of your data with easy to read charts and heatmaps. Visually understand what your priorities are and the distribution of your features.

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