Example Map Inside Jira for Kickass Story Kickoffs

Collaborate effectively, deliver value and slash failure demand

Innovate, Collaborate and Deliver with Example Mapping

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Example Mapping screenshot

Reduce rework and failure demand

Software development is challenging. There are always unknowns that increase complexity and effort required to deliver value. Help your teams identify these challenges and edge cases earlier by Example Mapping collaboratively. Using this technique, your team can deliver the right value, the first time.

Leverage your team's creativity and problem solving

Engage your team during a story kick off to identify valued behaviour and potential challenges early.

Seamlessly capture acceptance criteria as Rules with Examples

Work within Jira to record rules simply and efficiently, help your team to focus on the actual challenge rather than navigating a complex tool.

Record questions to identify scope challenges

Gain clarity about the value the story delivers before falling down a rabbit hole.

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