Frequently Asked Questions

What is Example Mapping?
Example Mapping is a Behaviour-Driven-Development Technique. It allows teams to break down issues (features, epics, stories, tasks, bugs) into rules and examples, and capture questions.

What are Story Kickoffs?
Story Kickoffs, also known as Three Amigos or Refinements, is the process of the Business Representative (normally a Product Owner or Business Analyst) getting together with Development and Test Engineers to discuss an upcoming piece of work (usually known as a story). This session is designed as an opportunity for the three perspectives to align, and remove any ambiguity from the story. This collaboration helps ensure that the result of the work is what is needed and expected.

What are the benefits of Example Mapping?
Example Mapping's main benefit is it's ability to help structure the collaboration during a Story Kickoff. By doing so, the risk of unwanted behaviour or bugs being built is significantly mitigated. It hugely increases the chance sthat the Business and the Technology team are aligned and will successfully be able to deliver the right piece of functionality. It has further benefits to the technology team in that it helps identify whether the story is too complex, and therefore should be split. It also identifies whether there are unanswered questions that may need to be resolved before work on the story can begin.

How do I try Example Mapping for Jira?
You can access a free trial of Example Mapping for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace.

How much does it cost?
Once you have fniished your free trial you can continue to subscribe to access Example Mapping for Jira. Subscription costs vary depending on the number of Jira users in your instance. For up to 10 Jira users there is a flat $5 monthly fee. For each additional user after 10 up to 100 there is an additional $0.50 fee per month. For instances with more than 100 Jira users, for each additional user up to 5000, there is decreasing fee per user.

Why should I trust Example Mapping for Jira with my data?
TeamUp Labs does not capture or store any of your data. All of your data is retained inside your Jira instance.

Who can I talk to if I have questions before I try it?
If you have questions feel free to directly reach out to @Teamuplabs on twitter.

What if I need to raise a ticket?
If you require support you can reach us at