Incorporation and Example Mapping for Jira!

11 Jul 2019 - David Hackman

Hi again! It’s been a little while since we last updated this blog. We’ve been hard at work in the background and I have the pleasure to share two major TeamUp Labs! announcements with you today.

We’ve incorporated! We’re a real company registered with Companies House. We have a bank account and shares and even a company stamp. It’s been challenging to get to this stage. We’ve had to learn about the responsibilities of company Directorship and accounting. But it’s great that it’s happened. Incorporating also shows that our commitment to TeamUp Labs is genuine. Our desire to build tools that help teams deliver great products remains unwavering,

More excitingly, I’m thrilled to announce that we have released our first Jira application. Example Mapping for Jira is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud users.

I’m delighted about this. I value the Example Mapping tool available at, but I recognise there are drawbacks. For example, the Example Map belongs under a single user’s account. That user had to log in to access it if the team wanted to review it or change it. Also, having to go to a different website, log in, create the example map and then copy the output, is not the ideal UX.

By creating Example Mapping for Jira we’ve addressed these problems. With the application installed you can create, edit and view an Example map from any Issue. You will no longer need to leave your story workflow to get all the benefits of Example mapping, it’s right there inside Jira.

The Example map anchors to the Jira issue, instead of a user’s dashboard. This means anyone who can access the issue can view and edit the Example map. This makes it much easier for the whole team to contribute in real time. Data is now stored in Jira and you no longer need a separate TeamUp Labs user to be able to use Example mapping.

We’ve also included a host of other improvements in this release. Drag and drop of rules and examples works better than ever. The summary view in the Jira issue is cleaner and easier to read than it was before, and requires no export. We’ve also squashed a few bugs.

Example Mapping for Jira is the best version of our Example Mapping solution, and we’d be delighted if you tried it. Our intention is to evolve the application further over the next few months. Your feedback would be invaluable to help us make it as useful as it can be.

Thanks for reading. As always, you can get in touch with us @TeamUpLabs. Looking forward to hearing from you.