Use our Example Mapping tool for focused and collaborative kickoffs

Example Mapping is an engaging way for teams to create a shared understanding for every story. Be sure to use TeamUp Labs Example Mapping tool for every kickoff.


Collaborate with Example Mapping
Collaborate with Example Mapping

Free yourself from strict, constraining grammars

Everyone can focus on getting down ideas and working as a team, rather than how to structure the text. Example Mapping uses Rules and Examples, written as natural language, to capture the requirements for a story.

Start every kickoff with a blank slate

Upfront research is okay, but make sure your team starts the kickoff with a blank slate. Everyone will be along for the ride and attention will be much higher.

Start your Example Mapping session with a blank slate
Collaborate with Example Mapping

Great for remote users and great for the environment

Whether your team is spread across the globe, you want to save trees, you want to store your Example Maps for later, or you just like using this tool.

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Capture questions, answers and your Definition of Done

When a question pops into one of your heads you can capture that. Your Definition of Done template is customisable to your own workflow.

Collaborate with Example Mapping
Collaborate with Example Mapping

Export your Example Map to the clipboard and paste into your project tool

Your session can be copied to your project tool of choice with just a couple of clicks.


TeamUp Labs is free to use.

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